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juvenile-criminal-defense-attorney-anthony-carboneWe all make mistakes when we are young. But sometimes juveniles can take it too far and break the law. It can be a hard time for your teen and your family. And you need an experienced juvenile criminal defense lawyer who can help you through this troubling time.

That’s why you contact New Jersey criminal defense lawyer Anthony Carbone. For more than 35 years, Mr. Carbone has been dealing the juvenile legal system in Hudson County, Essex County and surrounding counties. When you need aggressive criminal defense representation, you turn to the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone.

Juvenile Criminal Defense in New Jersey

Many questions are going through your head at this time: What is going to happen to my child? Will this affect his/her future? Will he/she have to go to jail?

If your child is accused of a crime in New Jersey and will be charged as a juvenile, chances are he/she will be going to Family Court. The punishment here is less severe – if found guilty, your child could face fines, pay for damages to any victims, or perform community service in lieu of restitution. Rarely will your child be sentenced to incarceration.

However, there are rare times that a juvenile may be charged as an adult. If this happens, then your child will be going to Criminal Court. If this happens, then the juvenile can face a stricter conviction which can include prison time. There are advantages and disadvantages of facing either Family or Criminal Court. You need an experienced juvenile criminal defense lawyer to explain the differences. Not only will Mr. Carbone explain the differences between the two but advise your child on which court is most appropriate for his/her case.

Common Juvenile Criminal Offenses

Juveniles can break laws without thinking it’s a big deal. But the crimes can range from a simple theft to something much more serious. Such common crimes can include:

These charges should be taken seriously. Don’t handle this case by yourself. You need proper legal representation to help your child get the right results.

Aggressive Representation for Your Juvenile

If you have a juvenile who is in need of criminal representation, then look no further. Jersey City juvenile criminal defense attorney Anthony Carbone will not rest until your juvenile receives a proper punishment that won’t affect his/her future. He will also help get his/her record expunged so it won’t affect any future endeavors. Contact us today for a free consultation. Now serving Jersey City, Newark, Elizabeth, and throughout New Jersey.

Have questions about your juvenile criminal defense case?

We can help! With a proven track record, a strong work ethic, and extensive knowledge of the law, you cannot go wrong when you choose The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone.

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