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Whenever your family is going through a legal crisis in New Jersey, it can be a stressful and heartbreaking time in your life. Just the idea of heading to a courtroom to fight for the right to see your children can be frightening, intimidating, and hard to handle on your one. It’s essential that you have the right family law attorney at your side to help you with your case.

For 35 years, Jersey City family law attorney Anthony Carbone has been fighting for the rights of families throughout New Jersey. As a family man, he understands the pain your family is going through and will do anything he can to make sure the family unit stays whole. He will work hard to make sure you know what’s happening, how he will protect your rights, and make sure your family doesn’t suffer.

What Falls Under Family Law in Jersey City?

Family law involved a wide array of domestic cases and family-related issues. It can range from a difficult divorce to child custody issues to domestic violence and restraining orders. Our Jersey City family law attorney has handled all types of cases.


You may think you can handle a divorce on your own without a lawyer but you would be mistaken. Divorce can involve many components such as:

  • the division of assets and property
  • alimony payments
  • visitation rights
  • child support.

Our New Jersey divorce attorney can walk you through the divorce proceedings and make sure you understand every aspect of your divorce agreement. Attorney Carbone will make sure you are treated fairly by protecting your rights in the courtroom.

Child Custody/Visitation

Many issues surrounding your divorce involve your children and your rights to see them. Our child custody lawyer knows that you have the right to see your child whenever you want. He will work hard to make sure your custody agreement is in the best interest of the children and, if necessary, will make the appropriate modifications of any agreements.

Child Support

Sometimes, divorcing couples forget that child support payments are for the benefit of the children, not for an ex. Payments may be forgotten or not completed. With his aggressive approach to legal representation, Jersey City family law attorney Anthony Carbone will make sure your child will be financially secure by forming or modifying the support agreement.

Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders

Domestic violence is an epidemic in this country. It can come in several forms – physical, emotional, and psychological. Recent statistics say that there were 32,691 claims of domestic violence in New Jersey in 2015. Nowadays, a person can not only harass you in person but can stalk you through social media. It’s sad and it must be stopped.

New Jersey family law attorney Anthony Carbone knows how terrible the cycle of abuse is. He will not rest until you are protected from your abuser. He will make sure you obtain a restraining order and get sole custody of your children. Most of all, he will make sure you and your children are safe from your abuser.

Juvenile Criminal Defense

In New Jersey, when a juvenile gets into trouble with the law, the case will generally be turned over to Family Court. This usually means the punishment will not be as severe. However, if the crime is severe enough, there is the possibility the case could head to criminal court and your child will be charged as an adult. This means a stronger punishment than one he/she would face as a juvenile.

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Anthony Carbone will not let this happen. All charges against your child should be taken seriously and it is not something that should be done on your own. You need an experienced defender by your side to get the right results.

Child Abuse/DCPP Representation

It’s amazing how a simple misunderstanding can quickly become an issue. In New Jersey, just one phone call to the Division of Child Protection and Permanency can result in a visit from a county social worker and the removal of your child from your home. This can result in a broken home and the loss of your rights as a parent.

New Jersey family law attorney knows how stressful and upsetting this can be for a family. He will fight for your rights and make sure you get your children back where they belong.

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Our Jersey City family law attorney will work hard to make sure of a winning outcome for your claim. It’s not uncommon for a settlement in these matters. However, it all depends on whether an agreement can be reached between you and the other party — which can be quite difficult in a contentious situation such as a divorce.

Court Reversed Final Restraining Order What Happened HereIt can be extremely difficult to deal with matters involving family law without the right attorney by your side. It takes a dedicated lawyer with the right mixture of experience and know-how to make sure your case has a successful conclusion. And you can count on the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone to get you the result you deserve. If you have any questions concerning family law, click here to read our FAQs.

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