Truck Accidents – A Growing Concern in New Jersey

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truck-accidents-attorney-anthony-carboneIt was not long ago that comedian Tracey Morgan’s limousine was involved in a serious accident with a tractor-trailer. Morgan was severely injured and another passenger in the limo died as the result of the incident. Soon thereafter, another tragic accident with a large truck occurred on a New Jersey roadway. It resulted in the deaths of three men who were struck by a tractor-trailer. The men were on the side of the road standing by their disabled cement truck. These accidents have put a great deal of focus on the dangers of truck accidents. Some are concerned that accidents of this nature may be due to inadequate training or monitoring of the vehicle drivers.
According to a recent article, which appeared in The Record, there is a trucker shortage in New Jersey. Truck drivers cite stress as a large component of their job. Not only must they keep control of their oversized vehicles, but they also have time deadlines to meet. The government has specific requirements in place when it comes to operating tractor-trailers. Age is not one of the limitations. However, there are time constraints as to how long a trucker is permitted to drive the vehicle. These restrictions come from the federal government. As an example, the law mandates that trucker take at least a 30-minute break during each eight-hour shift. Notwithstanding, truckers can work up to 70 hours a week.
It is easy to see why an accident with a truck represents the potential for serious injury. Size alone is a larger factor. Some do not realize that the bigger the vehicle, the longer it takes for the brakes to be effective. Obviously, the weight between a tractor-trailer and a sedan are grossly different. Therefore, the impact between the two can cause devastating damages.
Trucks are often owned by large entities. Many have in-house trained to contain the amount of money paid out to victims. Someone who is injured as a result of a truck accident may feel that it is sensible to negotiate with the truck company’s representatives directly. Actually, this may be detrimental to receiving the full value of the case. An experienced attorney will review the facts of the accident and hire investigators and experts. The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone handles these types of cases and is available for complimentary consultation.

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