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A slip and fall accident can be termed as an embarrassing accident, and many at times, we hope it would ever happen to you. This kind of accident may happen to anyone and can happen anywhere. You may suffer serious injuries, some so severe that you can no longer attend to your daily activities.  A Union City Slip and fall lawyer from the Law Offices of Antony Carbone will ensure that you know what to do when you find yourself in a situation where you slip and fall.

If this happens to you should be able to sue the owner of the place where you have slipped and fell. Compensation may depend on several factors like the seriousness of the injury and the situation. The benefit that you may gain when you sue varies from medical expenses lost wages to pain and suffering.

The faster, the better

Antony Carbone assures you that you do not waste so much time when it comes to seeking justice. He will ensure that you avoid legal hurdles that will drag you in court and cost you so much time and, in the end, cost you so much money.

Most of the time when you decide to go alone, you should be sure that you would spend a lot of time.

What you stand to gain when you choose Antony Carbone

If you want to get the best legal counsel for your case, Antony Carbone is the lawyer you should approach. He has a wide range of experience and diverse knowledge in this field. These cases may seem simple, but they turn out to be draggy, and most of the time, you give up mid-way.

 Articulating out your case is important because, most of the time, these cases are based on word of mouth. So, for you to crack it, you need a legal representative who will argue out your case. That notwithstanding, this lawyer will ensure you get maximum compensation.

You also require an open lawyer who will advise you accordingly and give it to you, black and white. Knowing where you stand when it comes to the case ensures that you know what to expect.

Compensation likely to be won

After your case is argued out and you win, you might stand to win both financial and non-financial payments. Some of these payments may range from:

  • Property destruction, if you had anything on you.
  • Pain and suffering when the complainant has undergone any injury accrued from the slip and fall
  • The complainant may be compensated for any economic injuries, and these are losses that are accrued from missing work.
  • In case of negligence, you may stand to gain suing the place for punitive charges.

When you decide to seek the help of a lawyer to argue your case, you will have made a pretty good decision because you will be able to avoid the lengthy court procedures. So next time you’re involved in a slip and fall, call the Law offices of Antony Carbone right away to learn your legal options.

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