4 Main Causes of Workplace Eye Injuries

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Eye-related injuries are common forms of injuries that take place in a commercial work setting. In the U.S., the statistics show that approximately 2,000 eye injuries do occur daily. This is why a company’s management needs to pay close attention to the eye injury sources and prevent them accordingly.

There need to be clear, understandable safety hazards indicators that make workers know which eye-related risks are ahead. Another significant thing is providing the workers with the right safety gear and training to keep themselves safe from eye injuries. These efforts will effectively reduce accidents. Which are some of the common causes of workplace eye injuries?

Bright Lighting

High-energy radiation is never a friend of the eyes; hence the correct measures need to protect everyone. For the welding work, for instance, the high levels of UV can be damaging to the eyes. Therefore, having the proper eye protection gears is significant. If possible, the management needs to have specific glasses to shield the eyes from the different flashes and arcs.

Fine Dust Particles

Some workplaces ordinarily expose workers to high dust levels, and a good example is the woodwork shops. The fine wood dust particles fill the air often. This is why suitable eyewear is crucial. In the market, some goggles specifically block dust from reaching the eyes. Other dusty working environments are the mining sites and construction projects.

The New Jersey state has clear guidance on why every company needs to have all the necessary gears to protect work-related injuries. Suppose you sustain injuries since your firm failed to provide such protective equipment, file a lawsuit for compensation.

Use of Poor Quality Eye Protection Gear

To be efficient in curbing eye accidents, an employer ought to source the right PPEs for the workers. However, buying is one thing, and considering the quality is the other. In cases whereby the items are way below the quality, there will be no protection to the employees in any way. What is fundamental, therefore, is procuring the right brands.

Additionally, the goggles, face masks, or glasses must come in different sizes. This is because sometimes, the problem arises when the PPEs are not entirely doing the covering. Additionally, proper maintenance of the PPEs is elemental, which includes thorough cleaning.

Windy Working Environment

The eye naturally is not well-suited for cold, windy surroundings. This is why outdoor activities are, at times, risky to work in. One example is when working for a roofing company whereby you are in points with high-speed winds most of the time. Without the proper eyewear, it is possible to develop some eye problems.

At workplaces, eye injuries are common and tend to arise from the working conditions mostly. What is essential is for the company to provide everyone with the PPEs to be safe from the dangers. The leading causes of eye injuries include excess lighting, dust, chilly windy surroundings, and using poor quality eye protection items.

As a worker in Hudson county, look for a lawyer who can handle the case well. A Hudson County Personal Injury Attorney will take you through the correct legal procedure. What you need to do is give a clear account of how the accident occurred. Engaging the best advocate in town is critical.

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