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Accidents can be emotionally, psychologically, and physically taxing on victims and their loved ones. Have you been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence? You need a North Bergen Personal Injury Attorney.

The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone have been representing personal injury victims for over 3 decades. We are dedicated to helping our clients get the compensation they deserve for their suffering.

Because we understand each case is unique, we evaluate the details of each one and come up with the best approach for getting remuneration from the at-fault party.

If you or someone you love has suffered a personal injury, contact us today at 201-829-3829 to discuss your case with a professional personal injury lawyer.

Personal Injury Cases in North Bergen

Accidents can happen anywhere. Anthony Carbone is adept at handling numerous personal injury cases such as:

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and falls fall under premises liability. They occur when a property owner fails to maintain their property in a safe condition as required by New Jersey laws. Common causes of slip and falls include:

  • Weak flooring
  • Poor lighting
  • Wet or slippery floors
  • Lack of handrails

If you get injured on a private, public, or government property, you are entitled to compensation. A North Bergen Personal Injury Attorney can help you file a lawsuit against the property owner.

Pedestrian Accidents

Drivers on the road are responsible for their safety and that of other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. If not careful, they could harm innocent civilians who are jogging, walking, running, or sitting by the road. Such accidents can result in severe injuries of the neck, brain, limbs, or spinal cord.

Pedestrian accident injuries can be severe and could require prolonged rehabilitation, surgery, or amputations. They could also cause significant distress to you and your loved ones.

Wrongful Death

Sadly, accidents may sometimes result in death. Losing a loved one could cause untold grief and could threaten your financial future. It could also leave you too distressed to follow through with a wrongful death lawsuit.

Fortunately, The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone can help you file and win your compensation claim. We can make sure you get compensated for any grief, medical expenses, and burial or funeral-related costs. 

Car Accidents

Car accidents can occur through no fault of your own. They could be caused by the negligence and carelessness of other drivers when drunk, for instance, or using their phones while driving. Regardless of the cause, car accidents can lead to severe injuries that require extensive medical care.

A compensation claim can help you cover any medical expenses and damages.

Truck Accidents

Trucks are significantly larger than the average car. As such, truck accidents in North Bergen often result in severe injuries or death. The victim may sustain traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, or spinal cord damage. Such injuries could have devastating effects on their quality of life.

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Accidents can have a significant impact on your life. Along with the physical pain, you could also suffer emotional and financial distress. Fortunately, attorney Anthony Carbone is dedicated to fighting for your rights. Call the law offices of Anthony Carbone to schedule a consultation with the esteemed North Bergen Injury Attorney.

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