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Hudson County Slip and Fall LawyerSlip and fall cases are a common type of claims in premises liability lawsuits. Premises liability law holds the owner of the premise responsible for any mishaps that occur to occupiers of the property.  They are held accountable for all injuries and damage to personal property. Slip and fall is the most common type, others include trip and fall.

Our Hudson County Slip and Fall Lawyers guarantee that you will be compensated when you find yourself in such a messy accident. Most of these accidents are usually a result of icy sidewalks, spilled liquids, and pieces of debris, or in severe cases, an uneven floor. These accidents are typically embarrassing and, at times, can be cruel, one may become injured because of the slip and fall.

Experienced lawyers found at The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone can help you get full and fair compensation. If you or your family or friend has been involved in a slip and fall, they guarantee representation that guarantees that your rights are protected, and you get maximum compensation.

Hudson County Slip and Fall LawyerFocus on Getting on Your Feet While We Focus on Your Case

We try to alleviate your pain and suffering by giving you enough time to focus on your health and well-being. Such accidents can be hazardous and result in injuries that need immediate medical attention. As you focus on being well, we focus on ensuring the wheels of justice are turning, and you receive the due justice. A medical report will go a long way in the pursuit of justice when pursuing a fall claim.

Many of these cases go uncompensated because of a lack of knowledge. Many casualties do not know whether they are eligible for compensation, and don’t know what to do after a slip and fall. Other mistakes that people do and end up not getting compensated include:

  • Not reporting the accident immediately.
  • Arguing and letting emotions get the best of you after the accident.
  • Not taking the witness’s contact information.
  • Not taking detailed pictures of the location and factors behind the fall.
  • Not calling a lawyer immediately after the accident.

Hudson County Slip and Fall LawyerWhy Seek Our Services?

We always try to make an out-of-court settlement, and this can only be possible if the defendant and the insurer make a sensible offer. The offer should be able to cover for the damage to property and injury. However, just in case we do not reach a fair agreement that our client is comfortable with and accepts, we are always ready to go to court.

We conduct an extensive investigation to guarantee an undisputable and robust case. The expertise and experience that our attorneys possess is a vital resource that our law firm has.

To launch a successful slip and fall claim some of the aspects to consider include:

  • Proving that the defendant failed to ensure the safety of the client while on his or her property.
  • The negligence of the defendant was the direct cause of the fall.
  • Proving that the injuries present in our client or the damage are because of the fall.

Many slip and fall cases are settled out-of-court, and this means negotiations are conducted between the complainant and the defendant. To get a fair and full settlement, you should always seek the services of a lawyer for guidance and advisory.

Whether it is making an out-of-court settlement or a court case, The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone will be there to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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