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New Jersey takes criminal offenses very seriously. If you are charged with a crime, you can be sure that the prosecution will go above and beyond to get you convicted. This is why you need an equally passionate defense attorney to represent your interests.

If you are facing criminal charges in Secaucus, Anthony Carbone, an experienced Secaucus Criminal Defense Attorney, is here to help. He has extensive experience defending the rights of criminal defendants in New Jersey and will ensure you get the best possible outcome.


Disorderly Person Offenses Vs. Indictable Crimes

Criminal offenses in New Jersey are classified into disorderly person offenses and indictable crimes. Disorderly person offenses are considered misdemeanors and usually hold less severe punishments, while indictable crimes are treated as felonies. If you are convicted of the former, you may face a $1,000 fine and 6 months of jail time, while a conviction in the latter could carry a jail term of 20 years or more.

Common disorderly person offenses include property theft and shoplifting, where the damage or loss is worth less than $200. Examples of indictable crimes, on the other hand, include:

  •       Rape
  •       Sex offenses
  •       Assault
  •       Burglary
  •       White-collar crime
  •       Manslaughter
  •       Drug offenses
  •       Murder


Juvenile Crimes and Criminal Defense

Most juvenile criminal cases are tried in family court in New Jersey. Nonetheless, the state may try serious crimes in the Supreme Court. When this happens, the juvenile on trial may face charges as an adult and receive stronger punishments if convicted.

Trying a juvenile as an adult means the child will face stricter rules and sentences. An experienced Secaucus Criminal Defense Attorney like Attorney Carbone will ensure this doesn’t happen.

If your child has been charged with a crime, you shouldn’t try to handle the case on your own. Their future relies on your ability to get them experienced and passionate representation for the right results.


How Can a Defense Attorney Help You?

A criminal conviction of even the least serious crime can leave your personal, social, and financial life in shambles. If you are charged with a crime in New Jersey, you should immediately speak to a defense attorney. Anthony Carbone will defend your rights by doing the following:

  • Investigate your case and collect evidence to build your defense
  • Review the evidence obtained by law enforcement against you
  • Work on getting any illegally-obtained evidence thrown out of the case
  • Present a defense to reduce or eliminate the charges against you
  • Determine whether entering a plea bargain is in your best interest
  • Prepare an aggressive defense if your case goes to trial.


Talk to a Secaucus Criminal Defense Attorney

Anthony Carbone, an expert Secaucus Criminal Defense Attorney, has been defending the rights of criminal defendants in New Jersey for over 3 decades. He is familiar with the criminal court systems and has extensive experience applying various legal strategies to get your charges reduced or eliminated.

With his 30 years of experience, attorney Carbone can guide you through the entire process of clearing your name and record. He will tell you when it is advisable to accept a plea bargain and when to pursue a trial. Contact him today at 201-829-3829 to schedule a consultation.


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