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Adoption is the process through which a child becomes a legal member of a new family. In some instances neither birthparent is involved in the new family. In others, such as stepparent adoption, one birthparent will still be present, but legal rights will be bestowed upon the new spouse as well. Not only does adoption give one or more new parents legal rights over a child, it entitles the child to the same rights as birth children as regards inheritance, child support, and other legal considerations.

Why Hire an Attorney

The process of adoption can be both exciting as well as frustrating. It is a complex area of family law that requires the experience and rational of a family law attorney. Jersey City and Newark family law attorney, Anthony Carbone, has over 20 years of experience helping ensure the process of adoption is smooth for all involved parties. He can walk you through every phase of the adoptions process and help make sure legal snags and pitfalls are avoided or handled promptly.

If you are involved in adoption proceedings in or around Jersey City or Newark, New Jersey, please contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone to schedule a free initial consultation with our family law attorney today.

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