Amicable divorce is possible in Jersey City! But you still need a lawyer…

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You knew it was coming. You and your spouse have been fighting regularly for the past six months. Let’s face it, you’re just going through the motions. It’s time for a divorce.

Your spouse agrees and together you begin dissolving your relationship. It all goes very well and in no time at all, you have everything split up. But what happens next? And how does the law get involved?

Even if you have the most amicable breakup alive, you still may need a lawyer. Just as getting married was a legal situation, so is getting a divorce. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you begin the legal process:

  1. It’s probably bested that you and your spouse work out that tricky issues such as child support and where each party is going to live. Sometimes it helps to have a third party present just in case you can’t reach a decision.
  2. Let’s say everything was agreed upon. Do you still need a lawyer? Well, for any legal proceedings it’s best to have legal counsel present. But, if you and your spouse can ask the court, in writing, to grant you a divorce. But we stress that you must have everything worked out before even consider the option.
  3. Can you use only one lawyer to represent the both of you? Well yes and no. In truth, lawyers cannot represent both parties because it would a conflict of interest. However, there are some exceptions such as an agreement on the major issues; just need the lawyer to do the paperwork; have agreed to this in writing, and they understand the lawyer can’t fully represent both parties.

So if you’re thinking of divorce, why don’t you contact us? We have over 25 years of experience and can help with any issues you have.


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