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Car accidents can result in serious injuries. Apart from yourself and your passengers, you also have to worry about the other driver and their passengers who could bring injury claims against you. This is why you should purchase bodily injury liability insurance as part of your auto insurance. This coverage protects your assets in situations where you would otherwise be held financially liable.

Bodily injury liability insurance is a legal requirement in almost every state. Essentially, it is a specialized type of car insurance that kicks in when you cause an accident. It covers the other party’s injury-related costs to protect you from a legal lawsuit.

Generally, bodily injury liability coverage can vary from state to state. An expert Union City Personal Injury Attorney can advise you on your rights, legal protections, and liability in a car accident.

What Is Bodily Injury Liability?

Bodily injury liability is one of two types of liability insurance. It covers the medical expenses and lost wages resulting from a car accident injury. Unlike personal injury protection (PIP), bodily injury liability covers the other party’s damages when you cause an accident. It also requires that fault for the accident be established.

How Does Bodily Injury Liability Work?

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Essentially, bodily injury liability is designed to protect you, the holder, from injury claims. It pays for the damages resulting from an accident in situations where you would otherwise be held financially liable. It is also third-party insurance, which means it does not cover your injuries or those of your passengers.

An injured driver or passenger can file a claim against your bodily injury liability policy. If the fault is established, your insurer might have to pay for:

  • Medical bills — Including ambulance costs, hospital stays, treatment, medication, and rehabilitation
  • Lost wages
  • Funeral costs
  • Legal fees — Your insurer will usually provide you with a legal defense under your coverage if you get sued by the injured party

It is important to note that bodily injury liability is subject to a limit of liability. This means that your insurer will only cover these losses up to a certain limit. Depending on your policy, this could be the state minimum amount or a higher limit.

Any expenses beyond your policy limit will have to be handled out of pocket. As such, it is advisable to purchase higher coverage than the set state limits. This will provide more protection.

Should You Get Bodily Injury Coverage in New Jersey?

Every driver in New Jersey has access to a Basic Policy. This policy does not include bodily injury liability as a standard coverage but offers it as an option. That said, not having bodily injury coverage leaves you vulnerable to injury lawsuits.

Discuss Your Case with a Union City Personal Injury Attorney

Bayonne Car Accident Lawyer | The Law Offices of Anthony CarboneBodily injury liability insurance comes with a coverage limit. Your insurer will only cover the other party’s injury-related costs to a specific amount. Essentially, this means that you could be held liable for any damages exceeding your limit. You might face a lawsuit and be forced to pay them out of pocket.

If you have been involved in a car accident and have questions about fault, liability, and insurance, contact Anthony Carbone Law to speak to an expert Union City Personal Injury Attorney.

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