Can I Sue My Employer for my Jersey City, NJ Slip and Fall Accident?

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slip and fall accidents at work anthony carboneIn this blog, we regularly discuss what happens if you have a slip and fall accident case on your hands. In addition, we examine workers’ compensation and how it helps you after getting into an accident on the job. But what happens when you have a slip and fall accident at work? Is it possible to sue your employer or is it just another case of workers’ compensation?

Here’s the scenario: You’re working at your desk when your supervisor calls you in to his/her office. As you’re walking past your co-worker’s desk, a cord from your co-worker’s computer is sticking out. Unfortunately, you don’t see the cord as you walk past. You foot catches on the cord and you fall, injuring your knee. Since you are at work during the incident, you know that workers’ compensation will cover your medical bills. But can you additionally sue your employer for an unsafe work environment?

Unfortunately, you are unable to sue your employer for the slip and fall accident. Since you are working at the time of the accident, all your expenses are covered under workers’ compensation laws, which say that your employer is not at fault for your accident. The only time you can truly sue your employer for an accident at work if it was an intentional injury. For instance, if you and your co-worker get into a fight while in the office. But let’s change the scenario and say that instead of being an employee, you’re a client. Then you have a premises liability case on your hands.

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