Why can’t I see my own doctor after a workplace injury?

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You are definitely afraid of the doctor’s office. First, it’s full of sick people. Plus there’s poking and prodding and questions about your lifestyle. But you found a doctor you can put your trust in and refuse to see anyone else. But you just got injured at work. Your employer is making you go see one of the doctors he has selected. Can he do that? Are you allowed to see your own physician?

The answer is no. When you have a workplace injury that requires medical attention, it is the responsibility of your employer and/or his workers compensation insurance company to provide you with a list of doctors. The reason why your employer provides this information is because these doctors are the ones who accept your employer’s workers compensation insurance. But don’t worry, these doctors are fully qualified to treat your injury.

So what will happen if you go to your own doctor? Well, your health insurance company does not cover you for a workplace accident. So if you decide to go to your doctor instead, you will have to pay for the medical bill out of pocket. This is so your employer and the insurance carrier can protect themselves in case something happens in the future. For example, your doctor says you are fit to go back to work but you reinjure yourself. Since you saw an unauthorized doctor, the workers compensation insurance can deny your claim.

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