Could the Latest Catholic Sex Abuse List Be Missing Names?

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Could the Latest Catholic Sex Abuse List Be Missing Names?It’s more than a scandal. The five dioceses throughout NJ just released the names of 188 clergy members credibly accused of sex abuse.  Meanwhile, the outrage continues. Those named are either deceased or removed from the ministry. Could the list be missing names?

Some wonder why the roster of clergy members seems so small. After all, many remember the removal of their own parish priests facing allegations of child sex abuse. Often, the accused suddenly relocated to other churches. It was as if nothing ever happened to warrant the change.

  • Only it did. It’s taken decades for the Catholic Church to admit the possible transgressions of church leaders. All things considered, no one will ever know just how many valid claims actually exist.

Some blame the church for its refusal to allow priests to marry. Meanwhile, that same mandate insists on celibacy. And, besides – child molestation has absolutely nothing to do with the legal union of adult partners. Marriage does not serve as an antidote to the appearance of pedophilia. That said, many clergy sex abuse cases do not just involve prepubescent children. Indeed, a majority of the claims include priests attracted to adolescent boys or girls. Adults looking for sexual gratification in teens are known as ephebophiles.

  • The terminology itself means little to victims. What matters are the insult and the betrayal, together with the feeling of shame. New Jersey laws on consent are strict when it comes to children. However, it’s not just a matter of criminal prosecution.
  • For years, the Catholic Church protected sexual abusers and seemingly set up other prospective victims. It is not unreasonable for those ill-treated to seek civil damages. After all, they potentially face a lifetime of psychological and emotional issues.

Catholic Sex Abuse Cases

Could the Latest Catholic Sex Abuse List Be Missing Names? | the Law Offices of Anthony CarboneMany of the prosecuted cases involving the Catholic Church revolves around homosexual acts by male priests with young boys. The victims describe everything from fondling to fellatio to intercourse. However, research shows that clergy members engaged in unlawful sexual acts with females as well. Most recently, the news reported incidences involving  Catholic nuns sexually assaulted by male clergy members. As a whole, many sex abuse victims elect to keep their attacks silent. After all, the predators are seen as holy men. Concerns of disbelief can only add to the victimization. Some may mistakenly view their own actions as bringing on the misconduct.


Is the NJ List Incomplete?

More than likely, the NJ list of Catholic sex abuse cases is incomplete. One only has to read the list of comments that Could the Latest Catholic Sex Abuse List Be Missing Names? | the Law Offices of Anthony Carbonefollow the news articles. Some name priests and parishes throughout Essex and Hudson counties. Why are some names missing?  For one, the only clergy members listed are diocesan priests and deacons. Religious orders such as Jesuit priests and Benedictine monks do not appear on this particular list of names. What does this mean?

For one, you won’t learn information about the Delbarton sex abuse cases from this new revelation. Additionally, those with ties to St. Peter’s are not on this list. In the meantime, some victims elect to keep their secrets to themselves. They feel powerless in moving forward. A trusted legal advisor may help them to make decisions that best benefit their lives.

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