Determining Alimony After Divorce

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Alimony, also called spousal support, is regular payments paid to a spouse during or after a divorce. Under certain circumstances, you may need alimony to get back on your feet and adjust to a self-supported life.

The court may determine alimony is appropriate if:

  • You are of an age or have a health condition preventing you from working; therefore you will continue to rely on the continued support of your ex-husband or wife.
  • You spent a number of years at home, raising children or otherwise being responsible for homemaking. As a result, you lack career training and experience and require the continued support of your spouse until you find employment.
  • You enjoyed a certain quality of life while you were married.
  • There is a sizeable difference between the income earned by your spouse and yourself.

These are just a few scenarios in which alimony may be ordered. The smallest details unique to your case may be considered when the court makes a decision. An experienced family lawyer can represent you in court or oversee the negotiation of an agreement between you and your spouse.

To learn more about alimony, please contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, PC, to schedule a free consultation with an experienced family lawyer in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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