Did a Caretaker Hurt Your Loved One?

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caretakerWhen you entrust your loved one to a caretaker, you have certain expectations. First and foremost, you want someone who will take care of your family member in your place. You need a trustworthy person who is responsive and compassionate. So, what happens when the person you hire actually hurts your loved one? What can you do?

In all probability, you may have preferred to take on the job yourself. However, caring for an aging parent or a disabled family member often means giving up gainful employment. Therefore, the hunt is on for either a nursing home or a private caretaker.

You know it’s not easy. In fact, you almost feel guilty for passing on the challenge to the outside. Perhaps it’s your mother or father suffering from dementia. Each day represents some new encounter. Even your patience runs thin.

With that said, you want the best for your family member. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case when you assign care to someone else.

Take for example a recent altercation in a New Jersey nursing home. According to news reports, a female patient who was a resident on an Alzheimer and dementia unit became unruly. When the nurse’s aide attempted to subdue her, she used a cellphone to hit her in the head. As a result, the 79-year-old patient wound up with a bloody forehead.

The entire incident was caught on surveillance video. Obviously, a good thing after the fact. Meanwhile, a lesson for others trusting their loved one’s care to others.

Surveillance Cameras to Check on Caretakers

The idea of putting up surveillance cameras to check on loved ones is not a bad one. However, as a recent article points out – privacy becomes an issue.

Meanwhile, the State of New Jersey is willing to do its part to provide concerned families with the right surveillance equipment. Last year, the state announced that it would allow loaner cameras so that an outside eye could have an inside view.

However, what does that mean? Will caretakers know where the cameras are located and be on their best behavior as a result? Would certain areas such as bathrooms be off view?

Perplexing, for sure. However, the bottom line is that it makes sense to monitor the people entrusted with your relatives. A disabled person may not be able to speak for themselves. Meanwhile, pictures speak more than a thousand words.

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