Did You Slip and Fall on Federal Government Property?

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Government PropertyThroughout the years, we have covered plenty of premises liability topics in our blog. But one we haven’t discussed is slip and fall accidents that happen on federal government property. In this type of accident, who is responsible? Will you be compensated since it’s a government entity? We will provide answers to these questions and more.

Proving Negligence

To hold a federal government entity responsible for your injuries resulting from a slip and fall accident, you must prove that the government or the person in charge of the premises was negligent in maintaining the property. However, there are two distinctions that make these incidents different from your typical slip and fall accident.

  • The federal government has strict notice and time deadlines for making a claim against a governmental entity
  • The federal government places a limit on how much you can recover from the state or a municipality if you win

A government entity is only liable for what happens to you if it was negligent in its actions or its negligence caused your injuries. Just because you fell on government property doesn’t mean it is legally liable, especially if the condition that caused your injuries wasn’t known at the time.

Timing is Everything

As we pointed out, the federal government has strict deadlines for those who wish to file a claim opposing them. The first thing that is required of those making claims is a notice. The notice must include your name, address, date of incident/injury, a summary of how the injury happened, a statement claiming the government was negligent, an allegation stating how the government’s negligence caused your injury, and a description of the injury, medical bills, and economic losses.

It is quite a lot of information needed, but that is how the process works. Let us not forget to mention that the deadline to send in your notice about your slip and fall injury claim may be as short as thirty days.

Sending Your Notice to the Right Office

If you don’t send your notice to the correct government office, your injury claim may be barred. This is true even if the government office you wish to reach is in the same building as the one you wrongfully sent your claim to.

To ensure you meet the requirements regarding your notice, you should consider contacting the offices of the municipality you plan on filing the claim against. If the offices won’t give you the information you desire, enlisting the help of a slip and fall injury lawyer, like Anthony Carbone, should be your next course of action.

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