The difference between a claim and a lawsuit

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Many times in this blog, you hear us calling something a claim. But are you aware that there is a difference between a claim and a lawsuit? It’s true. Here is what is means to file a claim and file a lawsuit:

  • When you file a claim, it’s an informal process that you go through in order to receive compensation for your injuries and/or losses to an insurance company, either yours or the party responsible for the injury. By filing a claim, it means you’re trying to find a reasonable amount of compensation for your injuries and related expenses. You can have an attorney represent your through this process. While in this phase, you and your attorney will learn how much coverage is available to you and how much the insurance company is willing to give you. If you are not happy with the results, then you may considering filing a lawsuit.
  • When you file a lawsuit, it is a more formal process. It generally happens when you and the insurance company or the other party cannot come to a reasonable solution. Remember that you need to file a lawsuit within two years of your injury. The result of the lawsuit will be determined not by an corporation, but by a judge and/or jury of your peers.

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