Do I Need Personal Injury Protection If I Have Health Insurance?

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Personal Injury Protection is provided for only particular states. Suppose you reside in a state where they have PIP. In that case, you’ll be required to purchase this form of car insurance coverage if you wish to get behind the wheel, regardless of whether your existing health insurance offers protection similar to that provided by PIP. PIP provides extensive coverage for particular expenses related to personal injuries resulting from car accidents.

If you are in New Jersey and need help applying for your personal injury protection, call the law offices of Anthony Carbone to schedule a consultation with a North Bergen Personal Injury attorney.

What Type of Extensive Coverage Do I Receive Through PIP?

Personal injury protection coverage is a form of car insurance available for states with the add-on and no-fault insurance laws. Like other forms of auto insurance, your PIP caters to what you pay for. Your PIP premium varies according to the type of cover you want, age, model, and make of your car.

In New Jersey, your IP premium will cover the following expenses:

  • Medical bills and related expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain, suffering, and burial or funeral-related costs in case of wrongful death

Personal Injury Protection vs. Medical Expenses Coverage

         Medical expenses coverage is a form of car insurance policy, which can cover your medical expenses following an accident. To some extent, it’s similar to PIP, as it covers expenses such as doctor visits, X-rays, surgery, hospital stays, etc.

         However, medical payments coverage differs from personal injury protection in that it doesn’t cater for expenses such as rehab costs, lost wages, and death benefit. For that type of protection, you’ll require to take a PIP policy.

         Unlike PIP, medical expenses coverage is not compulsory- it’s optional for the states, which offer it. For states where PIP is offered, medical expenses coverage might not be provided. According to your state’s law, you have the option of taking either the medical expenses coverage or PIP, but not both.

How To File A PIP Claim?

         If you were behind the wheel when the accident occurred, you should file a PIP claim with your insurer, regardless of who was the faulty party during your collision. For passengers involved, you would file an automobile insurance claim with your insurer of the driver of the car involved, even if your motorist was not responsible for the collision.

         To avoid fraud, states such as New Jersey have set limits to shorten the space for submitting personal injury protection claims. If you’re involved in an accident, time might not be the essence when filing your claim but ensure you check the deadlines.

Talk To A Personal Injury Attorney

         Personal injury protection might come in handy in case you are involved in an accident. The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone are well skilled and experienced in handling and submission of PIP claims. Suppose you or your loved one is involved in an accident and would like help to file your claim, contact Anthony Carbone and his team through mobile or book a consultation online.

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