Do you have to pay your medical bills from a personal injury settlement?

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In Jersey City, it is not easy to get to a legal landscape without the help of a good lawyer. Most of the time, a case can have a different outcome depending on the presence of an experienced lawyer. All you need is a person who is aggressive and well experienced to ensure that your claim turns out to be successful and hence enables you to get the compensation that you deserve for your injuries. Our Jersey City personal injury attorney from the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone is relentless, thus making it easier for the clients to get the deserved compensation.

The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone have experienced lawyers; the lawyers have been practicing law for over 30 years. This is going to supplement the immense trust and testament of our clients. We handle each case with the seriousness it deserves to ensure that the clients’ trust in us is withheld.  We have been able to grow over the years because of one major principle – complete honesty. When you walk into our offices, we listen to you and weigh out your options, after which we advise you accordingly. If you have a case, we proceed, and if not, we inform you.  From the onset of the case, we ensure that our clients are kept on the loop regarding their case.

The main outcome of accidents is injuries, and they can be costly to deal with. Even though you possess health insurance, you will still require to be compensated adequately for the injuries sustained. At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we work tirelessly and fight for you relentlessly to ensure that you get the best possible outcome in your case.

We have received many clients who have raised the question: Do you have to pay your medical bills from a personal injury settlement? The question raises lots of eyebrows since not many people agree with the answer.

You are responsible for every single medical bill accrued after a personal injury. Whether or not you possess an insurance cover, you still have to ensure that the bills are sorted out. Hospitals hold you liable for every cost and bill. If you don’t pay them on time, they will seek the services of a collection agency—the significant consequence of this being tarnishing your credit reputation. At times an accident may not be your fault, but the hospital doesn’t care about this fact, and they cannot wait for you and the accused to agree on payments.

Our clients’ advice is always to seek medical treatment and pay it out using your health insurance. After this, you contact your attorney, who will follow up on the claim, and that is where experience counts. A good lawyer will ensure that he recovers your rightful settlements; he will do this while using the full amount of your medical cost incurred.

We guarantee you the best of services and a trustworthy walk towards your compensation. Due to our experience in law, you can truly count on us to get the necessary help in your compensation claim. Contact us today!

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