Does your employer have workers’ compensation insurance?

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It’s something you don’t think about. You just assume that if you are injured severely enough at your job that you are covered by your employer for any medical treatment you take. But it happens. Now the questions come … does your business have workers’ compensation? Aren’t they required by law to have it?

According to the state of New Jersey, all employers, excluding government agencies which has its own coverage system, must have workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. There are two methods an employer can obtain coverage: either by a policy through an insurance company or is approved by New Jersey to have the worker carry his own policy.

But what happens if your employer decides not to get insurance? That can lead to some serious trouble. Not only are you allowed to sue your employer, but the state could sue the company. It’s considered a disorderly persons offense, a fourth-degree crime, and your employer will be fined for $5,000 for the first 10 days and up to $5,000 for each additional 10-day period until he gets coverage. And this can happen even if someone does not get hurt.

Think that maybe your employer isn’t covered? You may want to contact the state to have the do an official investigation. Or contact us and we’ll help you through the process.

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