Domestic Violence Can Have Lifelong Effects

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domestic violence lifelong effectsDomestic violence can take on many forms of physical, psychological, sexual, emotional, and economic abuse. While it certainly affects males, the main victims of domestic violence are females, the majority between ages 18 and 24. This is found to be a problem not only in New Jersey but around the world.

The problem of domestic violence transcends all social, economic, religious, and cultural groups. According to the Family Violence Prevention Fund, one in three women have been a victim of some form of domestic violence throughout their lifetime. This is a result of abuse from a friend, intimate partner, or family member. The result of domestic abuse ranges from mental and emotional trauma to death. In fact, 40% to 70% of female murder victims from around the world were killed by an intimate partner.

The act of domestic violence itself is cruel and unjust, but the effects run deeper and continue to affect a victim’s life long after they get help and are out of their situation. Physical injuries can take away from a person’s ability to do everyday activities from cuts, bruises, and broken bones. Some may result in a permanent problem victims face throughout their life such as brain damage or improperly healed bones.

While physical injuries are more noticeable and most likely to heal, other effects such as mental and emotional trauma are invisible to a bystander and are side effects most likely to stay with a sufferer long after. Such effects can be devastating. A range of emotions from fear, confusion, and uncertainty, to instability and anxiety will make a victim less likely to leave the toxic relationship.

This range of emotions tends to haunt and remain with victims even after seeking a haven. The effects reach into each aspect of their lives, from work, relationships, and social life, to their personal confidence and self-esteem. The recovery from domestic violence can be a long and painful journey.

How Domestic Violence Can Stay with Someone for Life

The painful adversity victims face each day can result in many different forms of problems. The number one problem has been identified as clinical depression. Which in turn affect the sleep cycle of victims, their appetite, energy levels and ability to function. If the depression continues it can result in the ideation of suicide and suicidal attempts. Those who faced a lot of physical violent abuse are more likely to be depressed and attempt suicide.

Post dramatic stress disorder or PTSD is a common symptom as well and can be experienced in flashbacks and/or nightmares as a result of fearing one’s safety and maintaining a sense of helplessness.

Substance abuse is another effect that is prevalent in victims for it is commonly used as an escape from the mental and physical pains. Because of the trauma, victims are more likely to have dependent and addictive personalities, resulting in a greater risk for them to abuse substances.

Lastly, victims tend to have low self-esteem, often creating a vicious cycle that results in them staying with and returning to the person guilty of domestic violence to begin with. They tend to feel helpless and hold negative self-images. This in itself can cause mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety.

Those who suffer from domestic violence may find it hard or refuse to reach out for help. If you or a loved one are suffering from domestic violence, know that you are not alone and there is a way out. Learn more about what you can do from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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