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A young women was involved in a motor vehicle accident last week.  Following the accident, she was taken to the hospital for evaluation.  The emergency room doctor ordered an x-ray which was negative for a fracture. The following day an adjuster from Progressive Insurance Company showed up at her door.  The adjuster offered the women $1,300 to settle her claim.  He outlined for her the medical expenses she will incur for the emergency room visit.  According to the adjuster if she accepts his offer, she can pay her deductible and co-pay and still have about $300 for her inconvenience. All she needed to do was sign a piece of paper and the check was hers.

Fortunately, the women brought the signed that paper to the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, PC before signing it. We advised her that if she had signed it, she would forever release the insurance carrier and their insured from any responsibility.  In other words, had she signed, she would be unable to receive any additional funds. And, as it turns out, additional funds were what she needed.

Despite the negative x-ray, her shoulder still hurt.  An orthopedic physician examined the women and believed she may have injured the shoulder worse than expected. Further diagnostic tests had determined that the woman has a torn rotator cuff and requires surgery.  The value of her case has instantly escalated.

Our advice for you is to let the experts handle such matters.  For example, If you are not a plumber then don’t try to fix a plumbing problem.  Likewise, if you never dealt with an insurance adjuster, don’t try to without first speaking to a lawyer.  Remember insurance companies don’t make money paying claims.

At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, P.C. ,we have been fighting insurance companies for more than 25 years.  For more information on how insurance companies can trick you out of your money, click here.  Don’t do it alone, call us. We can help.

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