Dos and Don’ts Following a New Jersey Car Accident

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It is important that you know what to do after an auto accident to help ensure you are treated fairly and provided full compensation. New Jersey car accident lawyer Anthony Carbone can help prove liability and fight for your rights, but taking time to follow some basic guidelines can be very beneficial.

What to Do

After a car accident, do:

  • Contact 911 and cooperate with all emergency personnel
  • Get the name and contact information of all involved drivers and witnesses
  • Take pictures of the scene of the accident from various angles
  • Contact your insurance company
  • Contact Jersey City car accident lawyer Anthony Carbone
  • See your doctor as soon as possible following your accident

Make sure you document everything and keep those documents for future reference.

What Not to Do

After a car accident, do not:

  • Admit fault to witnesses, police, EMTs, the other driver, or your insurance company
  • Fail to seek medical attention, even if you have been cleared by EMTs
  • Accept a settlement from your insurance company
  • Fail to contact New Jersey car accident lawyer Anthony Carbone

The only way to make sure you are properly compensated is through legal action. You waive your right to such action if you admit fault or accept an insurance settlement. Attorney Carbone will assess the total damages caused by your accident and fight for the full compensation you deserve.

If you live in Hudson County, New Jersey and have been injured in a car accident, please contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone to schedule a free consultation today.


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