Disasters on E-Scooters in Hoboken: Are They a Recipe for Disaster?

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No doubt about it. Throughout the country, many people find e-scooters as a viable option for urban transportation.  The decision to introduce e-scooters in Hoboken highlights the first New Jersey city to take them on. However, some find e-scooters a recipe for disaster. What do you think? e-scooters in Hoboken

The first arrest related to e-scooters in Hudson County hit the books just last week. According to news reports, the e-scooter rider violated a few laws.  Police attributed improper operation to reasons the 35-year-old man striking a pedestrian and causing injuries.

In this particular case, it appears the e-scooter operation at least partially occurred on a sidewalk. Allegations also include charges of riding the wrong way on a one-way street and failure to stop for the pedestrian in a crosswalk. The police further accused the defendant of fleeing the scene after the accident.

The Hoboken rollout hasn’t been an easy one. Local officials face plenty of inquiries related to the new mode of transportation on a daily basis. Meanwhile, over 22,000 individuals have already tried the e-scooters since the program’s introduction.

Will there be a Problem with E-Scooters in Hoboken?

Disasters on E-Scooters in Hoboken | the law offices of anthony carboneYou might not think that e-scooters go fast enough to cause any real damage. However, even at 20 mph, they beat out pedestrians and cyclists. Unfortunately, careless driving represents a critical issue. Of course, the prospect of someone hopping on an e-scooter and driving while under the influence (DUI), represents yet another reality.  It’s not enough that DUI charges are prosecutable.  Personal injuries often occur when someone fails to keep their vehicle under control.

Unfortunately, getting hurt as a result of an e-scooter accident can result in serious consequences. In some cases, the injuries relate to problems with the scooters themselves. A woman in San Diego actually jumped off an electric scooter when she realized the brakes didn’t work. She claims that she understands people actually cut the brakes.

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