My Elderly Mother is Being Abused. What Should I Do?

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You love your mother very much but at this time of your life, you just can’t take care of her. You do what you think is best for her and put her in a nursing home. At first, your mother loves her new living situation. But you begin to notice a change. When you visit her, she seems as if she wants to say something to you but is afraid to. You see her shying away from one particular nurse and you find bruises on her arm. She says she bumped her arm but you suspect something else. One visit, you finally see that same nurse hitting your mother. What can you do?

Sadly, elder abuse happens just as frequently as any other abuse. According to recent studies by the National Center on Elder Abuse, 7.6 to 10 percent of those surveyed had experienced some type of abuse. The study also found 1 in 10 elderly adults are experiencing abuse. It’s a sad problem, especially if it happens to a loved one in someone else’s care.

So what are the steps you need to take? If you suspect abuse and believe the person is in immediate danger, call the local police immediately. However, if you don’t think the danger is that great of a risk, contact the Adult Protective Services. Make sure you tell the authorities of any known issues, such as any medical problems or incidents of abusive behavior. What will happen after you call is APS will investigate the situation and if they find abuse, they will place the victim in a safer environment and get the person the help he/she needs.

If your loved one is being abused, remember to call Jersey City family law lawyer Anthony Carbone right away. We’ll get you what you deserve. For more information on elder abuse, click here.

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