Emotional Abuse and Domestic Violence

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emotional abuseWhen you think about domestic violence, you probably tend to think about the physical horrors that can come from it. Not to downplay physical abuse, but there’s another kind of abuse that gets overlooked more often than it should – emotional abuse. Unfortunately, most people don’t even know they’re a victim.

Emotional abuse in a domestic violence incident can cause intense stress, depression, and anxiety. This abuse is used to control, downgrade, punish, and/or humiliate the victim. Even though the abuser doesn’t use the same tactics as a physical abuser, the end result is the same. The victim becomes fearful of their partner, and their behaviors might change.

The overall problem with emotional abuse in domestic violence cases is that the victim tends to be discredited for his or her experiences. The victim might be labeled as crazy or overly emotional. You aren’t. It’s a very serious matter, and you might need to talk to an experienced domestic violence lawyer.

The tactics of an emotional abuser vary and can be detrimental to the overall mental wellness of the victim. Here are some examples:

  • Isolating a spouse from family and friends
  • Discouraging regular activities, such as work or hanging out with friends
  • Forbidding their partner to make contact with members of the opposite sex
  • Making their partner perform unwanted sexual acts
  • Constantly criticizing their partner’s appearance and weight
  • Intimidating the partner if they do not give into the abuser’s control
  • Controlling their partner’s finances and financial decisions; limiting their spending
  • Making overall decisions without debate or fairness

These are just a few unfortunate examples of the emotional abuse stemming from domestic violence. The above-mentioned examples, along with other experiences victims have endured, could be crippling to the victim’s self-esteem. If your partner has caused you emotional distress, it’s time to seek legal help.

The law can be a little tricky though. Those who have been emotionally abused are going to need evidence of the abuse. However, claims of emotional abuse can lead to restraining orders. Claims of emotional abuse can also help when determining the punishments for physical abuse in domestic violence cases.

If you have been abused, mentally or physically, in a domestic violence incident, it’s time to speak up. Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone for a free consultation. Remember, you’re not alone in this. We are here to help.

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