What to Do When an Escalator Accident Causes an Injury

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escalator-accidents-attorney-anthony-carboneJersey City is well known as the transportation hub for many visiting Newark and New York City.  The PATH train has several stops in Jersey City, including Journal Square, Grove Street, Newport and Exchange Place.  Escalators keep the flow of pedestrian traffic moving in the stations.  However, escalators can malfunction and cause accidents.  Sometimes human error can account for the reason someone sustains an injury on an escalator.  What happens if you are hurt in an escalator accident?

Most of us recognize the escalator as a motorized staircase that brings us from one level to the next.  However, few of us know the mechanics behind the equipment.  As with any machinery,  things can go wrong.  Just last year, a number of commuters were injured at Exchange Place. The media showed a video of frantic people trying to grab hold of the rails of the moving escalator.  It was headed up, and then suddenly reversed directions.  Injuries were reported at the accident scene.

Of course, escalator accidents may arise from other circumstances.  Someone may slip on a wet substance near the entrance to the moving stairs.  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for shoelaces to become caught in the machine’s mechanisms.  People have lost toes and other body parts, as the escalator grabs hold and pulls them in to the inner works.  Obviously, it is important to take safety when entering an escalator.  Children are the most susceptible to escalator accident injuries and should be guarded appropriately.

It is important to file a report regarding an escalator accident.  If the incident occurs in the PATH station or some other transportation center, the Port Authority police can assist with a report.  Similarly, if it occurs in  an office building, building security should be advised of the incident.  Not only does it document the accident for a prospective claim, but it also puts the organization on notice that something may be wrong with the equipment.

Medical bills, loss of wages and permanent disability may all come as a result of escalator accidents.  Rather than attempt to get reimbursement alone, it is important to seek the counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney such as those at the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone.  We have worked on  a number of escalator accident cases and have the resources to determine the cause of the accident.  This could include negligent operation or maintenance, among other issues.  When necessary, the firm will hire mechanical experts to inspect the equipment for any mechanical failures.  Contact us today for an evaluation of your case.

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