Faced With Harassment Charges?

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harassment-charges-njIf someone has filed harassment charges against you, you are not alone.  The highest number of citizen complaints filed in municipal court has one theme: They all involve harassment charges.  Often people go to court hoping to circumvent the matter from turning ugly and violent.  Some of the charges may be valid.  There are also circumstances when  harassment charges are wrongfully filed to cause someone trouble.  Of course, that someone could be innocent.

First, it is important to understand what the law considers to be harassment.  Anonymous calls made in the middle of the night to bother another might be considered a disturbance.  Likewise, circulating negative communications about a neighbor is troublesome.  The court has made many rulings on the use of offensive and nasty language.  When a relationship of any kind gets ugly, there’s a good chance that it will be accompanied by harassment charges.

Take the case found in an unpublished opinion of two Atlantic County neighbors.  When a new family started building their home, an existing neighbor was not very happy.  There were claims of interference with the contractors constructing the new residence.  The police were called on several occasions.  Perhaps the matter reached its worst when shouts of racial slurs were heard.  It was not a blissful situation.  The defendant was fined and put on probation after a trial.

A harassment complaint should not be taken lightly.  It could mean a criminal record, thereby affecting employment and other opportunities.  It can damage an individual’s reputation.  Some courts have mediators in place for harassment cases.  This calls for sitting with a person trained to help the parties listen to each other.  The problem?  The mediator does not have legal jurisdiction to order any remedy to repair the situation.  Many harassment cases proceed to trial in municipal court.

If you have been charged with harassment, we strongly advise that you seek legal representation.  The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone has extensive experience handing these types of cases.  Speak with us to understand your options.


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