Falling Snow and Ice: Who’s Responsible?

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falling snowAs our area digs out from Winter Storm Grayson or the ‘bomb cyclone’, it’s time to get back to everyday life. But let’s imagine that you are heading to work or going to a store, and you notice the sidewalk you usually walk on is extremely icy. In fact, everything you see is caked in snow and ice. You keep walking without another thought though. All of a sudden, everything goes black. When you awake, you are in a hospital and are told you were hit by snow and ice that fell off a roof or an awning. Who is responsible for your injury?

First of all, you should know you are not legally responsible for suffering an injury on another person’s property or because of another person’s property. This is called premises liability. It is the property owner’s responsibility to keep the area safe. They are the one who should have realized the potential for danger and removed the excess snow and ice that caused you to end up in the hospital.

If the snow and ice that caused your injury fell from a building that’s rented out, the company who owns the building will be held responsible for any negative outcomes (medical bills and related damages) going forward. If the state or township is responsible for cleaning the building, the responsibility might lay in their hands.

No matter who owns the building, they should be responsible for warning unknowing pedestrians of the dangers of falling snow and ice, even icicles.

In the rare instance you caused the injury to yourself, then clearly there is no one to blame but yourself. The cost of injuries and damages that occurred would have to come out of your wallet, not the property owner.

In the end, anyone who goes outside after a severe snow storm should know the risks involved such as slipping, falling, or getting a bump in the head from snow and ice seemingly falling out of the sky. If negligence occurred on behalf of a property owner, an injured defendant will have a fair chance to receive damages for the injury.

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