Five Simple Laws You Should Know Exist in New Jersey

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obscure-laws-in-nj-anthony-carboneConsider this a public service announcement.  Most clients come to us after they have been charged with an offense.  They are often surprised by the existence of some very simple laws.  Unfortunately, ignorance is not considered a defense under the law.

Such was the case for Ana Mercado.  It wasn’t bad enough that Ana had been convicted of driving while under the influence.  However, she wasn’t intoxicated when she was subsequently pulled over for running a stop sign.  Ana was shocked when she discovered the traffic summons listed an additional violation.

Ana’s car had a clever license plate.  This turned out to be an issue.  According to the State of New Jersey’s Motor Vehicle Commission, this was a clear violation.  The law is specific for those who have DWI convictions.  They are not permitted to purchase personalized plates for ten years after their guilty plea or verdict. The same is true for those who have reckless driving convictions.  Those who are convicted of death by auto or vessel are excluded from ever using personalized plates.

It might seem like a small matter.  But, fines and court costs can add up.  Other simple obscure laws could result in the threat of incarceration.  Here’s some important information to make sure you understand the basics.

Are Your Aware of these Obscure Laws?

  1. Bulletproof Vests: You might be surprised about the law on bulletproof vests. The law states that it is unlawful to wear one in the commission of certain crimes.  Not only will you face charges for murder, robbery or kidnapping, but you will face penalties for protecting yourself in the process.
  2. Passing on a Sexually Transmitted Disease: Many are concerned about the ethics of knowingly passing on a sexually transmitted disease. But, how many realize there is an actual law concerning the issue?  It’s all about knowledge and consent.
  3. Pumping Your Own Gas: New Jersey drivers are unique across the nation.  Self-service gas stations are against the law.  Wondering what happens if you grow impatient and want to pump your own gas?  According to the statute, you could be fined up to $250 for a first offense.  The amount goes up to $500 if you try it again.
  4. Graffiti: An act of graffiti can have severe consequences.  The financial considerations are only one problem.  Juveniles may lose their license for one year.  For subsequent violations, juveniles can lose their right to drive for two years.
  5. Honk before Passing: We’ve all seen the signs prohibiting the sounding of horns in certain intersections.  Notwithstanding, you could be ticketed for failing to beep before passing.  The law includes honking while passing cars, skateboarder riders and cyclists.

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