Five Tips Regarding Escalator Accidents

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escalator accident tips anthony carboneYou might want to consider these five tips regarding escalator accidents if you ever use these moving staircases.  Escalators are everywhere from transportation hubs such as Journal Square and department stores in local malls, such as Newport Centre and Jersey Gardens.   How can you reduce your risk for personal injury in an escalator accident?

1. How common are Escalator Accidents?
The latest estimate on the number of nationally known escalator accidents is recorded by the United States Consumer Protection Commission.  In 2014, the Commission was made aware of 12, 774.  For purposes of comparison, this number represents a significant increase from statistical data available for the previous decade.  In 2004, the number of escalator related accidents was just over 10,000.  Fortunately, only a small percentage of these types of incidents result in death.

Although the majority of escalator accidents involve fall down accidents, injuries have occurred for other reasons.  Horseplay is often cited as a factor in escalator related injuries.  Some escalator accidents involve entrapment issues and may indicate malfunctions with the moving staircases.

2. Malfunctioning Escalators
It should seem obvious.  If you see an escalator blocked off, avoid it.  Do not even chance using the escalator as a manual means of moving from one floor to another.

Like any other machine, there is the possibility for an escalator to malfunction.  Escalators can inexplicably speed up and fail to brake.  As a result, passengers can be flunk from the moving staircase.  Just last summer, a young mother was killed when she stepped down to enter the escalator and the step gave way.  It dragged her down with it.

3. Escalators are Not for Horseplay
Unfortunately, horseplay on escalators does not seem restricted to just children’s antics.  There are reports of families entertaining themselves by running up and down escalators.  Although sliding down the escalator rail may appear to be fun, there is no question that it is unsafe.  Hold children’s hands for extra protection.

4. Watch your Attire
There are many valid concerns about dangerous attire while riding escalators.  Make sure all shoe laces are tied.  Some footwear may be susceptible to being pulled into the escalator.    As a result, the rider’s toes may also be sucked into the mechanism and cause serious injuries.

Footwear is not the only item that may be troublesome when riding an escalator.  Consider the possibility of a long winter scarf being caught in the escalator.  The result could potentially be lethal.

5. Look for Safety Features
If you notice that something is wrong with an escalator, it may be up to you to act quickly and avoid serious personal injury. Make a mental note of the location of the escalator’s shut off switch.  Generally, these are big red buttons at the bottom or top of the moving stairs.

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