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We’ve all heard about freak accidents occurring, and individuals being injured in situations that are uncontrollable and spontaneous. These accidents can range from small injuries to life threatening situations and are completely unpredictable. A personal injury lawyer has the task of helping the victim figure out who is to blame for the freak occurrence, and can help victims gain compensation for the injuries they suffered.

Other Freak Accidents


Black’s Law Dictionary defines an accident as “an unforeseeable and unexpected turn of events that causes loss in value, injury, and increased liabilities.”

A fatal accident that occurred in Jersey City  last November involved a delivery man who was killed when a measuring tape struck his head.  The tape dropped by a worker fifty floors above the delivery man. Because his death was caused by a freak accident, recovery may be sought.

A month ago, a teenager lost his life while passing by a business that makes countertops. The teen attempted to pass between slabs of marble or granite which weighed at least 650 pounds. When they knocked into him, he asphyxiated to death.

Receiving Compensation

Freak accidents are like any other personal injury case in that they have two major components:

Liability – If you have been injured in a freak accident, your attorney must prove that there was another party responsible for the accident that occurred. This will require evidence, including witnesses to testify to what happened.  At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we engage professionals who are skilled in particular practice areas to help prove who is to blame for the occurance.

Damages – To receive compensation for a freak accident, you must prove that you have suffered damages. These include your injuries and the medical bills that accompany, lost wages from the time away from work, and other losses that might have occurred because of the accident.

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