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This time of year can be depressing to some. And when you are going through a messy divorce, this can add more stress than you need. And there is nothing more difficult than trying to keep it together for your children and having to keep the schedules of the holidays at hand. You’re in pain and what’s worse, you miss your kids. We know how awful things are right now. You are at the lowest point of your life and you need guidance. So let us help you.

“Dads in Divorce: A Father’s Guide to the Rights and Realities of Divorce” will give you the guidance you need to get through your divorce with your sanity. In this free e-book, you will find such information as:

  • How to file a divorce complaint
  • Financial realities that come with divorce
  • How to figure out the right custody agreement for you and your spouse
  • How alimony is determined by the courts
  • What rights you have as a father
  • Some dos and don’ts on going through a divorce

And much, much more!

Remember, this is a very trying time in your life but you don’t have to go through it alone. Download our e-book then contact us today and we will help you through it.


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