I got hurt at one job. Can I apply for workers’ compensation at my other job in Jersey City, NJ?

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With the economy as it is, you need to do everything you can to make ends meet. In addition to your full time job, you take a part time job at night. While working at your part time job, you trip, fall and hurt your back pretty severely. You receive workers’ compensation from the part time job but it’s not enough to survive on. And now your injury is making it impossible for you to work at your full time job. Is it possible to claim workers’ compensation from your full time job?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Since you were injured during your part time job, then that’s the employer you need to file workers’ compensation with. Since you didn’t injure yourself at your full time job, you can’t file a claim. There are other other avenues you can go to if you are unable to work. You can try for medical leave at your job, or you can claim Social Security disability benefits. But workers’ compensation is not one of those options. You will need to sit down with your employer to discuss what options are available to you at this time.

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