What Happens if You Fail a Drug Test

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You’re nervous. You just got the job of a lifetime. But before you can start work officially, you need to pass a required drug test. And you have been smoking marijuana regularly for the past six months. You search the Internet looking for home remedies and follow the directions. But alas, you fail the drug test. Now what happens? And, more importantly, can you be arrested?

First, a quick overview of what a drug test is and what it tests for. A drug test is generally done by those seeking employment in federal agencies or job that involve transportation, such as aviation. Private employers usually do not require such a test. Some of the reasons they use to test for drugs is to avoid legal liability or to maintain productivity. These tests can not only reveal any current drug use, but will also show any past drug use, generally up to six to nine months. Drug tests will take either urine, a piece of your hair, or possibly blood and test it for an array of drugs and/or alcohol.

So what happens if you fail? Well, a number of things. The place of employment can refuse to hire you. Or you can ask to take the test again. But what will not happen are you getting arrested for failing a drug test. The results of that test are strictly confidential and no one, not even the place of employment, can share those results with anyone except you. That includes law enforcement.

Also, please be aware that home remedies that are “guaranteed to work” aren’t exactly true. The only true way to pass a drug test is to not take drugs. End of story.

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