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You’ve been on workers’ compensation for a while now. The doctor says it’s ok for you to return to work, but you still need some time to heal. Your employer has been understanding so far but the busy season is coming and needs you now. What happens when you go back to work?

Well, first you should understand that you can still continue medical treatments while working. These treatments will still be covered by your employer. If you do return to work while still healing, you may have to lose time because of your injury. This is called “Intermittent Lost Time” and you must tell your insurance company and the Workers’ Compensation Board what is happening. Make sure you keep records of your lost time and pay stubs.

If for some reason you return to work and you discover that you cannot do your job, you may need to start collecting workers’ compensation benefits again. Or, try asking your employer to give you temporary job change until you are well enough to do your job. Your employer may have created a program which would allow you to do light-duty or a modified form of your job to help you return to the swing of things. Be aware that your employer can not force you to return to work if your doctor has not cleared you for work. However, there is nothing in the workers’ compensation law that prevents an employer from firing you while you are recuperating from a workplace injury.

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