What happens if you slip and fall on the sidewalk?

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Categories: Personal Injury, Slip and Falls.

While walking down to a friend’s house, your foot catches on a piece of broken sidewalk, causing you to trip and fall down, breaking your foot and cracking your head. What do you do? Should you sue and more importantly, who do you sue?

First, we need to determine where the sidewalk was located. If the sidewalk is located on your friend’s property, your friend is responsible keeping the sidewalk well-maintained. Therefore, the friend was negligent in maintaining a safe condition of the property. But what if you fell on the sidewalk outside a store? Who is responsible? In this case, it’s the neighbor’s. According to New Jersey law, if you fall on a sidewalk that is next to a commercial property, it’s the responsibility of the owner of the commercial property to maintain the sidewalk. However, be aware that many courts in New Jersey have in the past ruled that property owners are not liable for slip and falls as a result of a defective sidewalk in front of a residential home.

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