What happens when you slip and fall at work

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While at work, you slip and fall, breaking your hip. It’s obvious that you will be out of work for some time while you recover. But you do have some questions: Is this covered under workers’ compensation? Can you sue your employer or the owner of the property for unsafe working conditions? Who is to blame for this accident?

Well, first things first. Yes, depending on the situation that caused the accident, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation since it happened at work. In addition to workers’ compensation, the commercial entity you had your accident in may also have commercial liability insurance which you can receive money from.

Yet according to New Jersey law, you cannot sue your employer for negligence. The only time you are allowed to sue your employer is if your employer had intentionally committed something wrong. However, you can sue other parties who are liable for the accident. For example, your foot gets caught on a faulty step and you fall. Although you can’t sue your employer for the accident, you can sue a third party who was responsible for the maintenance of the building.

The important thing to remember is as soon as you have your accident, report it immediately and give us a call. For more information on what to do after having an accident at work, click here.

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