Will Hidden Video Program Actually Curb Home Healthcare Worker Abuse?

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home healthcare worker abuse anthony carboneConcerned that a home healthcare worker is abusing a loved one when you are out of sight?  Then, you might be interested in New Jersey’s new Safe Care Cam program.  The state is offering a means for families to monitor in-home healthcare workers.

The idea of setting up cameras to check on those providing care to loved ones is not unique.  In fact, a while ago, we wrote a story about a family who used a video camera to document nursing home abuse.   This takes the concept to a new level.  And, makes it economically feasible for those with suspicions of neglect or abuse to borrow cameras.

NJ will Loan “Safe Care Cams” to the Public

According to a recent news article, New Jersey will loan out safe care cams to families who request them.  The devices are micro-surveillance cameras and are available at no cost.  They may be borrowed for up to thirty days and are designed to capture video of home healthcare workers neglecting or abusing those in their care.

The state’s press release regarding the Safe Care Cam program offers some disturbing video footage demonstrating how the cameras caught different healthcare workers abusing patients.  There is a cautionary note that the videos are disturbing and may upset some viewers.

What types of healthcare worker neglect could be documented?  A patient might be calling out for help, while the assigned caregiver sits and watches television.  There may be evidence that your loved one is not turned in bed and subjected to bed sores.  Or, those proper steps are not taken to provide wound care.

The video cameras will also be useful in the discovery of suspected abuse.  Some home healthcare workers are not only physically abuse, but may also torment those left to their care.  It will be up to the families to review the video footage and report their findings to the authorities.

Could the safe care cams actually prevent healthcare worker abuse and neglect?  Although the micro-surveillance cameras will be hidden, most caregivers will be aware that they are available to the public.  They may ultimately serve as a deterrent and promote good behavior.

Those who wish to borrow cameras may contact the state by calling 973-504-6375.  You will be instructed to leave a voicemail message and will receive a return call.

Has Your Loved One Been Abused by a Home Healthcare Worker?

If your loved one has been abused or neglected by a home healthcare worker, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney.  The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone can provide you with legal advice concerning your claim.  Contact us to schedule a meeting.

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