How Are Teens Affected by Domestic Violence?

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How Are Teens Affected by Domestic ViolenceThere is a chance that your teenager or one of his/her friends has been exposed to some type of violence in their young lives. While protecting teens from community and gang violence in New Jersey is a major concern, there are a significant number of teens who have been exposed to domestic violence in their own home.

Most of the effects that teens suffer from domestic violence are emotional and psychological. The National Child Traumatic Stress Network provides valuable insight into what domestic violence does to teenagers. Keep in mind that teens don’t have to deal with physical abuse to suffer trauma. Some examples can include:

  • Overwhelming anxiety
  • Nightmares
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Hyperactivity that appears uncontrollable
  • Irritability and difficulty dealing with others
  • Aggressive behavior with other children and adults
  • Safety concerns manifesting as hypervigilance

Meanwhile, you should know that teens affected by domestic violence may experience post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). As your teen becomes an adult, they could have difficulty in establishing and maintaining relationships. Trust becomes a significant issue too. The bottom line is that children exposed to domestic violence do not feel protected.

Getting a Restraining Order

how are teens aftected by domestic violence? | law offices of anthony carboneIf you believe you and/or your teenager are in danger because of domestic violence, one of the best ways to get protection is through a restraining order. These orders of protection are put in place by the court to protect a domestic violence victim and their child from the alleged abuser. In New Jersey, the courts can issue either a temporary restraining order, emergency order, or final restraining order.

Temporary restraining orders prohibit your abuser from getting in contact with you and your child for up to 10 days. Emergency orders, while similar to a TRO, can be issued to victims who believe he or she and their child are both in immediate danger from their abuser. A final restraining order is the last step, and it occurs after a judge hears both parties out. The judge will decide if the original TRO should be extended, modified, and/or made permanent.

  • If your abuser violates the terms of his or her restraining order, they may be placed under arrest and serve possible jail time.

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how are teens affected by domestic violence? | law offices of anthony carboneIf you believe you and your teenager are in danger, now is the time to act. For thirty years, the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone has been helping families affected by domestic violence get the protection they need from domestic abuse.

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