How can a New Jersey Workers’ Compensation attorney help if I’m hurt on the job?

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When people are injured on the job, they are generally entitled to seek Workers’ Compensation benefits to help cover medical expenses and lost wages. However, employees sometimes have their Workers’ Comp benefits unfairly limited or denied.

Jersey City Workers’ Compensation lawyer Anthony Carbone has the experience and knowledge to get you the benefits you need to get back on your feet. Please call my office today at 201-963-6000 if you were hurt on the job.

Workers’ Compensation is intended to help victims of job-related injuries or illnesses. If you’re injured, you should tell your employer as soon as possible. It’s then your employer’s responsibility to notify the Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier. The insurer will then review your claim and, hopefully, compensate you for your medical care and lost wages.

But claims don’t always work as they should, and that’s where an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can help. You have the right to dispute either your employer’s or your insurance company’s handling of your claim. Mr. Carbone can help you understand your rights and advise you on your options. Some important facts to know about Workers’ Comp include:

  • Long-term, progressive conditions like repetitive stress injury and chemical exposure can be claimed under Workers’ Compensation.
  • You may pursue Workers’ Comp benefits even if the injury was caused in part by your own negligence.
  • You have the right to seek a second opinion from your own doctor after seeing your employer-approved Workers’ Comp doctor.
  • Although you cannot directly sue your employer, you do have the right to sue a third party whose negligence leads to your injury.

If you’ve been injured on the job, please contact workers’ compensation lawyer Anthony Carbone today. Mr. Carbone is proud to advocate for injured workers from the greater Newark and Jersey City, New Jersey, areas.

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