How do I maximize my Personal Injury Settlement?

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If you are in an accident, the at-fault driver is often liable for the injuries as well as the damages you incurred. But you must first prove that indeed the other driver was at fault. This is not an easy task as the insurance adjuster does not have your best interest at heart—the insurance adjuster is looking to low-ball your claim any chance he gets. This means that the significance of hiring an experienced and skilled personal injury attorney cannot be understated. A senior Jersey City personal injury attorney from the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, notes that one of the most common questions clients who consult the ask include, “How do I maximize my personal injury settlement?”

Below is a guide on how to go about it:

Collect and preserve evidence 

In a personal injury case, the claimant was a burden of proof. This means that the claimant must present relevant and sufficient evidence at a trial to prove his or her claim. Hence, it would help if you began to collect evidence immediately after an accident. Otherwise, evidence may be misplaced, may get lost or witnesses may change their mind about testifying. Some tips for gathering and preserving evidence include taking photographs, recording the location, getting the contact information of witness and reporting the incident. 

Get treatment 

One of the things used to determine the value of a claim is you receive adequate medical attention. This is why it is important to seek proper medication for your injuries. The treatment received is important as it can be used as part of compelling evidence of the extent of your injuries. If you choose to forego the treatment, the defense will argue convincingly that your injuries were not significant, given you needed minimal treatment. 

Hire a qualified trial attorney 

Insurance companies put a solid investment in training their insurance adjusters. Besides, a huge percentage of the company’s revenue depends heavily on the abilities of the adjusters to settle claims as cheaply as possible. To counter their trickery, you need to have an experienced attorney beside you. An experienced lawyer will know when to bluff and when to settle. But it would help if you were careful when hiring lawyers because not all lawyers are the same. Some take always take the safest road and push for settlement because they know they might not have what it takes to handle the intricacies of the court. 

Avoid social media 

Social media have killed a lot of personal injury cases. When photographs and comments related to the case of social media, they can be used by the defense. The defense attorney will search the internet to attempt to find any information to attempt to prove that you made recovered completely or that you are just exaggerating the extent of the injuries. It is also advisable to avoid revealing any information about the case to anyone other than your lawyer—let your lawyer do the talking. In a nutshell, avoid social media at all cost. 

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A qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer knows what needs to be done to maximize your compensation. Such a lawyer will help you collect all your information and gradually build a case while you focus on recovering fully. Navigating an insurance claim is not a walk in the park, but an outstanding lawyer is your best bet. 



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