How Much Personal Injury Protection Insurance Do I Need?

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According to the law in New Jersey and 12 other states in America, drivers are required to have personal injury protection (PIP) to cover car-related injuries. The insurance will pay for all medical expenses by default without looking at who was at fault. If you need a lawyer to help you make your claim after an accident, seek the legal representation of an experienced Jersey City personal injury attorney Anthony Carbone. So, what is included in the cover, and how much personal injury protection insurance do I need?

What is covered in personal injury protection?

Depending on your premium and the state, your PIP may cover the following:

  •       Medical bills: A PIP will cover all medical bills you incur after a crash accident but only up to the limit of your premiums. It would pay for the bills even if you were riding a bicycle or walking at the time of the accident.
  •       Lost wages: A PIP ensures you still pay bills and afford food during the period you miss work due to the accident.
  •       Rehab costs: All costs are covered if the doctor recommends physical rehabilitation.
  •       Services you cannot perform: If you cannot continue with house cleaning or childcare after an accident, the PIP will cover those costs for you.
  •       Funeral costs and benefit: For a case where the injury resulted in death, the PIP pays for funeral costs and pays some cash benefit.

Do I need a personal injury claim?

There are different insurance laws for different states. These auto liability insurance laws include:

  •       No-fault: States with no-fault laws require your insurance company to pay for damages even if you are not to blame. There are limitations on your right to sue.
  •       Tort liability: Here, they first consider who was at fault. The insurance company covering the liable side is required to pay. You have no limitations on the right to sue.
  •       Choice no-fault: Drivers have a free choice between tort liability and a no-fault system.
  •       Add-on: This is similar to no-fault liability as the accident is paid by your insurance company regardless of whether you caused the accident. However, you have no limited rights to sue.

How much personal injury protection insurance do I need in New Jersey?

New Jersey is one of the states that require a minimum of PIP. According to the law, each driver must pay a minimum of $15000. The state has an option between choosing the no-fault system or tort liability that will allow policyholders to file a lawsuit after the accident. You should still get the PIP even if you have medical payment insurance because it pays for other expenses other than medical ones.

Importance of legal representation

You have no limited rights to sue in New Jersey. Therefore, when you feel that the insurance company has faulted your claim or denied you compensation, you can go ahead and initiate a lawsuit. The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone have years of experience dealing with such cases to ensure you are correctly compensated in case of a crash accident. Call 201-829-3805 now for a free consultation and aggressive legal representation.

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