How to avoid getting into an auto accident with wildlife

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avoid getting into an auto accident with wildlife anthony carboneTo many city dwellers, a crash involving an accident with wildlife generally means contact with a domestic animal.  The feelings of hitting a loved pet are difficult.  Similarly, accidents involving larger animals such as deer, can be catastrophic.  Avoiding crashes with wildlife can be instrumental in limiting human personal injury.

Domestic Animals

Although pet owners should have their animals restrained in some fashion, this is not always the case.  You may see a dog or a cat dart in your path and attempt to avoid hitting it.  Unfortunately, the swerving action may cause you to wreck your vehicle.  It might also trigger you to slam into other cars and sustain significant personal injuries.  What should you do in this case?

  • Be sure you are traveling at a proper speed as mandated by the law.
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings. Listen for barking and other sounds.
  • Check before you decide to move to avoid hitting the animal.

If you are a driver transporting an animal, it is also important that you restrain your animal in the car.  Even the most docile pets can become upset and startle the driver.

Deer Crashes

During this time of year, the evidence of deer on roadways is epidemic.  They are not just in heavily wooden areas, but can be seen on major highways.  Wayward deer have even been spotted in downtown Jersey City and in the middle of Newark.  What can you do to avoid a crash with one of these beautiful animals?

  • Follow all of the steps above as they are defensive driving tips.
  • Pay attention to deer crossing signs. They are posted for a reason.
  • Use your high beams appropriately in poorly lit areas.
  • Blow your horn if an animal enters your path.
  • Recognize that deer travel together. If you see one, look for more.

After the Crash

Let’s face it.  It is an upsetting thing to hit an animal of any type.  However, there are times that such accidents are unavoidable.  Brace yourself in preparation for the crash.  Although you may be tempted to offer medical assistance to the injured animal, you may put yourself at risk.  You should avoid touching the animal as it may lash out at you.  Fear and pain would be motivating factors.

The best thing to do after a crash with wildlife is to pull over and call the local police.  They will arrange for emergency medical services for you and determine the best way of handling the wounded animal.

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