Were You Injured in a Construction Site Accident?

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construction-site-accidents-passersbyIt may be winter time, but construction is still going on in certain parts of New Jersey. We’ve talked many times before about what happens when construction workers are injured while on the job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 824 work-related fatalities for construction workers, making the profession one of the most dangerous in America.

But what about if you were just passing by a construction site? Take, for instance, what happened to this man in Jersey City recently. While getting out of his vehicle, he was hit in the head by a tape measure that had slipped out of the belt of a construction worker who was working on nearby building. The man died instantly, leading to a suspension of the work at the site.

The major legal question in the case above is who is responsible for the above accident. Is it the construction worker’s fault for not noticing the slipping tape measure? Or was it the victim who chose to park beside a construction site while not wearing a safety helmet?

In the case above, it’s hard to prove fault. Yes the construction worker should have been aware of his tools. At the same time, the man should have been wearing the proper safety equipment while on a construction site. This is why you need an experienced construction site accident attorney by your side.

At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we’ve been handling construction site accident cases for 26 years. We know the ins and outs of the New Jersey legal system and know how to get the compensation you deserve. If you’ve been injured in a construction site accident, contact us today for a free consultation.

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