Injured in a Jitney Bus Accident? Who Pays the Bills?

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jitney-bus-crash-attorney-anthony-carboneThey are a novelty limited to just a few New Jersey communities as an alternative means of travel.  Atlantic City has them.  In Jersey City, they are a regular part of everyday traffic patterns.  Jitney buses.  Many use them as an affordable way to get from one local place to the next.  They are often less expensive than the buses operated by New Jersey Transit.  However, what happens to jitney passengers involved in an accident?  Who pays the medical bills?

At least four Jersey City residents are likely asking these same questions this week.  Last Friday, they were among the passengers on a jitney bus which ultimately crashed into two stores on Kennedy Boulevard in Jersey City.  The accident occurred near the boulevard’s intersection with Grant Avenue.   Prior to striking the building, the jitney hit four parked cars.  The bus driver claimed his brakes malfunctioned.  The accident caused five passengers to seek immediate medical treatment.

Jitney buses are considered commercial vehicles by the state of New Jersey.  Therefore, they are not required to carry Personal Injury Protection (“PIP”) coverage to pay for medical bills incurred by their passengers.   Although it may seem logical that the bus company take responsibility for the bills, it is not something that happens automatically.  Some find it frustrating to pursue a claim against the culpable party.  The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, PC has handled jitney bus cases.  We understand the complexity in processing these matters.

Last week’s jitney accident brings up other issues as well.  There may be claims in addition to the one against the bus company.  The driver stated that his vehicle malfunctioned.  Was there truly an issue with the brakes?  When were they last serviced?  Were they improperly repaired?  An experienced personal injury attorney evaluates claims such as these from all aspects.  Reimbursement for medical expenses is just one priority.  If you or a loved one sustains personal injury in any kind of accident, please contact us for assistance with your case.

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