Are Injuries from Amusement Park Rides Product Liability Cases?

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amusement-parks-attorney-anthony-carboneAmusement rides are a prime example of products liability cases that create risk often associated with personal injury.  The original Action Park in Vernon was notorious for accidents.  Some even dubbed it “Accident Park”.  The company changed names to Mountain Creek and became a water park.  This summer, new owners took back the Action Park name, reintroducing some of the old rides.  Six Flags Great Adventure is another major amusement park in New Jersey.  The Jersey shore boardwalks are filled with rides, some that were affected by Superstorm Sandy.  Mobile amusement rides show up at many summer carnivals, fairs, and festivals.  There are often concerns that these rides are not maintained or controlled properly.

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs oversees the basic safety requirements of New Jersey rides.  They do this in accordance with New Jersey laws and regulations.  They also ensure that at least annual inspections are conducted of the rides.  Importantly, this government agency also gives important safety tips.  Parents should review them with their children. reviewed statistics from the Department of Community of Affairs and found that there were 552 accidents related to amusement parks in 2013.  A great majority occurred on water rides.

Have you ever wondered if there is a government agency that oversees the safety of products used in everyday life?  The Consumer Product Safety Commission, also known as the CPSC, is a commission established by the federal government.  They gather information concerning potentially hazardous or unsafe products.  The CPSC also maintains injury statistics that may involve some product liability.  They discuss product recalls for certain rides, as well as the prospective risks associated with them.

There are important considerations in pursuing a case for an accident involving injuries sustained on an amusement park ride.  There may be product liability issues dealing with the design of the ride.  There may be safety concerns that are out of the control of the person operating the ride.  However, there is also a prospective claim against the establishment running the equipment.  Was the ride operated properly by the person in charge of it?  Were there modifications to the original machinery?  Were safety mandates enforced?

Amusement rides can cause serious injury, and even, death.  If you or a loved one is injured on a ride, it is important to speak with an attorney.  A lawyer such as Anthony Carbone has the resources to determine if the case involves a machine defect or some other cause. Call for a free consultation.

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