Your injury doesn’t have to be physical to claim workers compensation

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We’ve talked many times about getting injured on the job. But what happens if you get ill on the job or your illness was caused by your job? Can it still be considered workers’ compensation?

The answer is yes. Many workers can receive compensation for any illness and injury that your receive because of your job. For instance, let’s say your left wrist has been bothering you for some time. You go to the doctor and you discover that you now have carpal tunnel syndrome in your wrist. The cause of the carpal tunnel syndrome was because of the repetitive motion you make typing on your computer keyboard at work. This can be a case of workers’ compensation and your employer’s insurance should pay for your surgery.

But what about any illnesses you get from work? For example, you work around toxic chemicals for the majority of your career. One day, you begin to hack up blood. When you go to the doctor’s, it is discovered that you have lung disease as a result of your work with chemicals. Then yes, you can claim workers’ compensation.

For clear definition on what a workers’ compensation accident is, click here. And don’t forget, if you are denied your workers’ compensation claim, contact us for a free consultation. We are here to help you!

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