Is a Private Investigator Really Important to Your Case?

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Private InvestigatorAs far as you are concerned, the facts of your case are self-evident.  Your confidence may be somewhat reassuring to you and even your lawyer. However, the bottom line is that you’ll need proof to back up your feelings. Often, a private investigator can assist in coming up with the necessary evidence.

For starters, you should know that retaining a private investigator does not discount the role of law enforcement agencies. They too will contribute to assembling the facts that make or break your case. For example, a local police department may take photographs of an accident scene and mark up drawings to explain the positioning of vehicles in their resting positions.

Meanwhile, a private investigator will use police reports to explore the facts of a case further. In some cases, law enforcement officials won’t even be involved in your claim. Truth be told, private investigators are utilized in a variety of legal matters.

Family Law and Private Investigators

If you suspect your spouse of infidelity, you might find it critical to retain the services of a private investigator. After all, you’ll want to get photographs of your cheating husband or wife. Surely, the judge will be as incensed as you when he or she is presented with graphic evidence.

It’s understandable that you might want your suspicions confirmed. However, the fact that your spouse has been unfaithful won’t impact determinations concerning the division of property or support payments. In a prior article, we named adultery as a reason for an at-fault divorce. However, since New Jersey is a no-fault divorce state, it may not be worth the trouble or expense to prove your spouse is a cheater.

Meanwhile, private investigators are useful in other aspects of divorce cases. Think your spouse is hiding financial records?  Wondering if he or she has acquired real estate and not informed you? What if you’re already divorced and paying spousal support? How will you document that your ex now has a live-in partner?

The bottom line is that private investigators are extremely useful in family law matters. An experienced divorce lawyer can assist you in determining when it is necessary to hire one.

Private Investigators and Personal Injury

A private investigator is not necessarily crucial to every personal injury claim. However, evidence of liability is one of the first considerations. Also, the defense may use the services of a private investigator to disprove the extent of injuries in civil lawsuits and workers’ compensation cases. This may include the use of surveillance videos.  Some other uses of private investigators as they apply to personal injury include the following:

  • Witness statements
  • Identification of unknown witnesses
  • Property ownership records
  • Accumulation of physical evidence
  • Photographs of the accident scene

An experienced personal injury attorney reviews the facts and available evidence when determining the need for a private investigator.

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